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[photo: Richard Layard] The programme director is Professor Lord Richard Layard.
Room: 32L 2.13
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People want to be happy. But do we know what makes us happy, or how society is best organised to promote happiness?

The Wellbeing Programme was founded in 2003 when Richard Layard gave his public lectures on "Happiness: Has social science a clue?" His book on Happiness then followed. The programme has expanded and now includes three main strands:

The Wellbeing Programme is also responsible for bringing together the members of the Mental Health Policy Group.

Popular downloads from the Wellbeing programme:

Legatum Report on Wellbeing & Policy
World Happines Report 2013
Report calls for wellbeing to be at the heart of public policy design. An independent commission chaired by Gus O'Donnell, with Richard Layard, Angus Deaton, Martine Durand and David Halpern as its members, proposes a radical reform of public policy-making... [more]

Report calls on policy makers to make happiness a key measure and target of development
World Happiness Report 2013, co-edited by Richard Layard, John Helliwell and Jeffrey Sachs, was launched on Monday 9 September. Download

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