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Labour Markets

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Featured Data

The CEP - OECD Institutions Data Set (1960-2004)
This dataset contains information about the evolution of labour market institutions in twenty OECD countries from 1960 to 2004

1. Patterns of Work Across the OECD

2. Macro data on institutions

About the programme

Most of the population depend, directly or indirectly, on the labour market for their livelihood. Hence, the functioning of the labour market is of crucial importance for material well-being and for the performance of economies. Research in the labour programme is concerned with two broad areas:
  • Identifying trends in the labour market and understanding how these changes affect different types of people

  • Evaluating the effect of labour market institutions and policy interventions.

Much of the work in this programme links closely to that of the Education and Skills Programme and the Productivity and Innovation Program. Also included in the labour programme is our research into "non-economic" areas such as crime and health.

These pages describe the main research areas and findings in the Labour Programme. There is much other research that can be found elsewhere on the CEP website. Use the search engine within the publications page to find it or contact Professor Steve Pischke ( for more information.

Key Research Areas

Here we summarize our research on: