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About the Programme

Effective Intervention

Effective Intervention was founded in 2005 as a registered UK charity. Its objective is to bring greater scientific rigor in the design and analysis of foreign aid programmes, with the aim of benefiting people living in extreme poverty throughout the world.

Our first goal to design and implement projects which demonstrate effective, inexpensive means to reduce child mortality. We chose this as a focus as there is evidence that it is good scientific evidence that it is possible to substantially reduce child and infant deaths at low cost. Despite such evidence, however, mortality levels remain extremely high in many world regions.

We have also begun to design and implement projects to improve children's education in India and Africa. We are aiming to develop packages of interventions, which combine health and education measures, to help families ensure their children can be healthy and well-educated in extremely poor regions where such services are not otherwise available. Our education projects will also initially be designed as randomised controlled trials in order to credibly measure impact.

Effective Intervention currently employs 1,100 people in India and Africa on these projects. We have partnered with local governments, other NGOs, and academic institutions from around the world in order to design and implement these.

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Current Projects

We currently have five separate projects in this field they are:

The EPICS Trial
A project to reduce child mortality in Guinea Bissau; one of the highest mortality regions of the world.

The Champion Trial
A project to reduce neonatal mortality in poor, tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh.

Education and material support for girls aged 6-9 in tribal regions of Andhra Pradesh
A project, paired with the CHAMPION Trial, to examine the impact of additional schooling and material support for girls aged 6-9 on their educational outcomes in a region where gender inequality is very high, and where girls generally do poorly in schools.

Impact Assessment for the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP)
A research project evaluating a very poor region of India which appears to have achieved near west European levels of child mortality.

How should we reduce child mortality? The power of knowledgeable parents
A research project using child survival outcomes from 278,000 children in 45 low income countries to better understand routes to low child mortality.