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Research & Policy Programmes


The CEP Work Programme 2015-2020 is available as a PDF document (36 kb)

The Centre's research objectives for 2015-2020 are organised into seven main programmes with 15 themes and 43 projects. The current programmes are: In addition the CEP is working in partnership with the The LSE Growth Commission, which was set up to provide authoritative and evidence-based policy recommendations that target sustainable and inclusive long-term growth in the UK. The Commission is currently working on a second report and will publish its recommendations in its Growth Manifesto in January 2017. They will address new questions facing the UK following the result of the June 2016 Referendum.

For more information see:
The work of the CEP Macro programme has now transferred to the
Centre for Macroeconomics at http://www.centreformacroeconomics.ac.uk/

Completed self-standing programmes:

Associated with the above thematic programmes are self-standing programmes of work funded by outside sponsors (in alphabetical order):