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The Raconteur

How to solve UK's productivity puzzle

UK productivity languishes at the bottom of the G7 league table, 20 per cent lower than average, and falls behind many other Western countries. “The gap has always been there, but it’s worse since the financial crisis,” says Anna Valero, research economist in growth at the London School of Economics. “We are about 30 percentage points behind France, Germany and the US.”

This article appeared in the Raconteur on 30 June 2016. Link to article

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Charts: Half of the UK's foreign investment comes from the countries it just snubbed

In the meantime, things look pretty bleak. Earlier this year a team from the London School of Economics estimated that leaving the EU will lead to a 22% decline in investment from abroad. (Other studies have projected both better and worse outcomes.) The supporting research focuses on the impact of leaving on the automobile manufacturing and financial industries.

This article appeared on quartz on 29 June 2016. Link to article

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Italy's productivity conundrum: The role of resource misallocation

Many advanced economies have experienced a productivity slowdown in recent years. Italy, however, has been experiencing such a slowdown since the mid-1990s. This column provides a detailed analysis of Italy’s patterns of misallocation over this period. Firms in the Northern regions, as well as large firms, have experienced the sharpest increase in resource misallocation. To tackle the resulting productivity slowdown, reforms need to address unemployment benefits and higher education, as well as encouraging investment in intangible assets.

This article appeared on Vox.eu on 28 June 2016 Link to article

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Daily News Egypt

LuxLeaks, law and justice all part of tax scandal trial in Luxembourg

The LuxLeaks papers clearly illustrate that Luxembourg’s most important export product is tax avoidance. That is why French economics researcher Gabriel Zucman says that Luxembourg is “the center of European tax evasion.” Zucman, who has lectured at the London School of Economics since 2014, describes the grand duchy as an “economic colony of the international financial industry.”

This article appeared in Daily News Egypt on 28 June 2016. Link to article

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