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Staff Biography

[Photo: Kilian HUBER] Dr Kilian HUBER
Associate - Labour Markets
University of Chicago
Email: kilianhuber@uchicago.edu

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Expertise: Macroeconomics, Finance


  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, LSE
  • Master of Science in Economics, LSE
  • Master of Research in Economics, LSE
  • PhD in Economics, LSE

CEP Publications

Journal article
The effect of house prices on household borrowing: A new approach James Cloyne, Kilian Huber, Ethan Ilzetzki and Henrik Kleven
June 2019
Paper No' :
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Tags: business fluctuations; cycles; household saving; housing supply and markets; personal finance;

CEP discussion paper
Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance: Evidence from “Aryanizations” in Nazi Germany Kilian Huber, Volker Lindenthal and Fabian Waldinger
January 2019
Paper No' CEPDP1599:
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JEL Classification: J71; M21; N84

Tags: discrimination; antisemitism; firms; managers; stock prices; nazi germany

Journal article
Disentangling the effects of a banking crisis: Evidence from German firms and counties Kilian Huber
March 2018
Paper No' :
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CEP discussion paper
The Persistence of a Banking Crisis Kilian Huber
November 2015
Paper No' CEPDP1389:
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JEL Classification: D22; D53; E24; E44; G01; G21; J01; J23; J30; O16; O40; O47

Tags: banking crisis; financial frictions; lending; gdp; growth; employment