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CentrePiece article
The cost of being young: measuring intergenerational consumer prices Rahat Siddique explores an important aspect of the economic landscape facing the UK's young adults the 'millennial' generation. Rahat Siddique
March 2020
Paper No' CEPCP572:
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CentrePiece 25 (1) Spring 2020

Tags: real wages; intergenerational consumer prices; consumer price index; cpi

CEP discussion paper
A Unified Approach to Estimating Demand and Welfare Stephen J. Redding and David E. Weinstein
August 2016
Paper No' CEPDP1445:
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JEL Classification: D11; D12; E01; E31

Tags: elasticity of substitution; price index; consumer valuation bias; new goods; welfare

CEP discussion paper
Space-Time (In)Consistency in the National Accounts: Causes and Cures Nicholas Oulton
May 2015
Paper No' CEPDP1349:
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JEL Classification: C43; O47; I31; F43

Tags: ppp; divisia; konüs; price index; path-dependence; consistency

SERC/Urban and Spatial Programme Discussion Paper
House Prices and Rents: Micro Evidence from a Matched Dataset in Central London Philippe Bracke
February 2013
Paper No' SERCDP0127:
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JEL Classification: G10; R21; R31

Tags: house prices; housing rents; price index

CEP discussion paper
How to Measure Living Standards and Productivity Nicholas Oulton
September 2009
Paper No' CEPDP0949:
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JEL Classification: C43; D11; D12; E31; D24; I31; O47

Tags: consumer price index; konüs; cost of living; measurement of welfare change; quadratic almost ideal demand system; producer price index; homothetic; productivity