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Journal article
Is modern technology responsible for jobless recoveries? Georg Graetz and Guy Michaels
May 2017
Paper No' :
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JEL Classification: E32; J23; O33

Tags: job polarization; jobless recoveries; routine-biased technological change; robots

CEP discussion paper
Rise of the Machines: The Effects of Labor-Saving Innovations on Jobs and Wages Andy Feng and Georg Graetz
February 2015
Paper No' CEPDP1330:
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JEL Classification: E25; J23; J31; M53; O33

Tags: automation; job polarization; technical change; wage inequality; training

CEP discussion paper
Has Job Polarization Squeezed the Middle Class? Evidence from the Allocation of Talents Michael J. Boehm
May 2013
Paper No' CEPDP1215:
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JEL Classification: J21; J23; J24; J31

Tags: job polarization; wage inequality; talent allocation; roy model

CEP discussion paper
Left, Right, Left: Income and Political Dynamics in Transition Economies Michael Carter and John Morrow
January 2012
Paper No' CEPDP1111:
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JEL Classification: D31; D72; D83; P16

Tags: income dynamics; redistributive politics; polarization; bayesian learning; latin america

CEP occasional paper
Wage Inequality,Technology and Trade: 21st Century Evidence John Van Reenen
May 2011
Paper No' CEPOP28:
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JEL Classification: J23;J24;O33

Tags: wage inequality; technology; trade; polarization