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Journal article
Ownership and hospital behaviour: Employment and local unemployment. Andrew E. Clark and Carine Milcent
April 2018
Paper No' :
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Tags: competition; france; hospitals; management; public employment; unemployment;

CEP discussion paper
The Economic Situation of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants in France, Germany and the United Kingdom Yann Algan, Christian Dustmann, Albrecht Glitz and Alan Manning October 2009
Paper No' CEPDP0951:
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JEL Classification: J30; J61; J64

Tags: immigration; earnings; employment; education; france; germany; uk

CEP discussion paper
Unions and Workplace Performance in Britain and France Alex Bryson, John Forth and Patrice Laroche
April 2009
Paper No' CEPDP0920:
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JEL Classification: J51; L25

Tags: trade union; firm performance; france; britain

CEP discussion paper
Comparatively Open: Statutory Information Disclosure for Consultation and Bargaining in Germany, France and the UK Howard Gospel and P Willman February 2004
Paper No' CEPDP0615:
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JEL Classification: J5; J50; J51

Tags: collective bargaining; information disclosure; unions; germany; france; uk