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CEP discussion paper

The political legacy of entertainment TV

We study the political impact of entertainment television in Italy exploiting the staggered introduction of Berlusconi's commercial TV network, Mediaset, in the early 1980s. We find that individuals with early access to Mediaset all-entertainment content were more likely to vote for Berlusconi's party in 1994, when he first ran for office. The effect persists for five elections and is driven by heavy TV viewers, namely the very young and the elders. Regarding possible mechanisms, we find that individuals exposed to entertainment TV as children were less cognitively sophisticated and civic-minded as adults, and ultimately more vulnerable to Berlusconi's populist rhetoric.

Ruben Durante, Paolo Pinotti and Andrea Tesei

4 April 2017     Paper Number CEPDP1475

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This CEP discussion paper is published under the centre's Community Wellbeing programme.