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CEP discussion paper

Childhood sporting activities and adult labour-market outcomes

We here ask whether sports participation at school is positively correlated with adult labour-market outcomes. There are many potential channels for this effect, although, as usual, identifying a causal relationship is difficult. We appeal to two widely-separated waves of Add Health data to map out the correlation between school sports and adult labour-market outcomes. We show that different types of school sports are associated with different types of jobs and labour-market insertion when adult. We take the issue of the endogeneity of sport seriously and use data on siblings in order to obtain estimates that are as close to unbiased as possible. Last, we compare the effect of sporting activities to that of other leisure activities.

Charlotte Cabane and Andrew E. Clark

20 December 2013     Paper Number CEPDP1253

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This CEP discussion paper is published under the centre's Community Wellbeing programme.