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Dr Grous is a digital media specialist with an applied focus on how management practices within the firm affect its performance. His research and teaching encompass key elements of the digital organisation and their contribution to the creation of value, including digital content development, monetisation and protection; online, mobile marketing and social media. He also has considerable expertise in sports and sponsorship marketing and economics, working with British Cycling ( on the drivers of the UK market in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics and other major sports and content organisations such as the BBC and Sky. Dr Grous’ applied research has recently included Pay and Free TV, and the development of content monetisation models and the merging of online and broadcast consumer interaction modes across sectors. He is also responsible for managing the LSEs innovation and digital media programmes in Spain, and advising Government and organisations in a number of countries on the development of optimal technology, commercial and digital and online engagement models. Dr Grous brings considerable experience from a successful international career to the LSE in digital media, technology, and broadcasting in both start-ups and corporate at CEO/COO/CIO level. He continues to teach in a number of courses and programmes in addition to advising organisations and undertaking applied research within the CEP.

Current areas of research include:

  • Digital media strategies in sports marketing; Sponsorship strategies in Sports in the UK in the Olympics window; The effect of the convergence of broadcasting and online on consumer choice and market competition; Pay TV and competitive positioning to meet the new market dynamics of 'free TV';