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Johannes Spinnewijn.

Johannes Spinnewijn


Expertise: public economics, behavioral economics, applied theory

020 7955 7022
SAL 3.24


Dr Johannes Spinnewijn joined the London School of Economics in 2009 as Lecturer at the Department of Economics and a member of the CEP and STICERD. Prior to joining LSE, he completed his PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work is on various topics in public economics including social insurance and tax design. Some of his work is at the intersection of Public Economics and Behavioral Economics, analysing optimal policy design when people are subject to behavioural biases. In particular, he has been studying biases in job seekers’ perceptions of employment prospects and evaluating the role of information frictions for interventions in the health insurance market. In ongoing work he tries to shed light on the optimal timing of unemployment benefits, linking theory to the data. Johannes teaches and advises students in public economics in the PhD, MSc and MPA program at LSE.

Current areas of research include:

  • Heterogeneous Risk Perceptions in Insurance Markets: Welfare and Identification
  • Job Seekers' Perceptions and the Optimal Design of Unemployment Policy
  • Taxation in Developing Countries