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Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures

Lionel Robbins was one of the outstanding men of his time; economist, public servant and supporter of the arts. He was associated with the London School of Economics for over 30 years both as Professor of Economics and as Chairman of the Court of Governors. During the war he was Director of the Economics Section of the War Cabinet and was one of the designers of the Bretton-Woods agreement which established the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Lionel Robbins also chaired the Committee on Higher Education in 1963, the report of which has become a landmark in the development of higher education in the UK.

The lectures, which were established in his name, take place each year on three consecutive days and are a major event in the life of the School, featuring eminent economists from around the world.

2017 Professor Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University), Economics and the Cultivation of Virtue
2016 Professor Raj Chetty (Harvard), How Can We Improve Economic Opportunities for Low-Income Children?
2015 No lectures this year
2014 Professor Angus Deaton (Princeton), Poverty, Inequality and the Political Economy of Measurement
2013 No lectures this year
2012 Professor Lord Nicholas Stern (LSE), Climate Change and the New Industrial Revolution
2010 Lord Adair Turner (Chairman, Financial Services Authority), Economics After the Crisis
2009, June Professor Paul Krugman (Princeton), The Return of Depression Economics
2009, January Professor Philippe Aghion (Harvard University), Designing Policies for Growth
2007 David Laibson (Harvard University), The Psychology Of Saving and Investment
2006 Professor Alan Krueger (Princeton University), International Terrorism: Causes and Consequences
2005 Andrei Schleifer (Harvard & NBER), The DNA of Market Economy
2004 Daron Acemoglu (MIT), Understanding Institutions
2003 Richard Layard (CEP & LSE), Happiness: has social science a clue?
2001 Stanley Fischer (International Monetary Fund), The International Financial System: Crisis and Reform
2000, October Olivier Blanchard (MIT), Understanding Unemployment: News from the Front
2000, January Robert Mundell (Columbia University), The World Economy Since 1900: What did we learn?
1999 Richard Freeman (CEP, NBER & Harvard), The Road to Shared Capitalism and Economic Justice
1998 Daniel Kahneman (Princeton University), Rationality, Utility and the Mind
1997 Alan Blinder (Princeton University), Central Banking in Theory and Practice
1996 Robert Barro (Harvard & NBER), Determinants of Economic Growth
1994 William J Baumol (NYU), Global Trade and Conflicting National Interests
1993 Karl Otto Pohl (former President, Bundesbank), International Monetary Policy: A Personal View
1993 Yegor Gaidar (First Deputy Prime Minister, Russia), Russian Reform
1992 Pedro Aspé (Mexican Secretary of Finance), Economic Transformation the Mexican Way
1991 Jeffrey Sachs (Harvard University), What is to be done? Promoting Capitalism and Economic Prosperity in Eastern Europe
1990 Larry Summers (Harvard University), Governance and Growth
1989 Peter Temin (MIT & NBER), Lessons from the Great Depression
1986 Paul Krugman (MIT & NBER), Exchange Rate Instability
1985 Amartya Sen (Oxford University), Inequality
1984 Rudi Dornbusch (MIT), The state of macroeconomics