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Hosted with the Economy 2030 Inquiry, the Resolution Foundation and the Nuffield Foundation

Mind the gap (part II)

Andy Haldane, Henry Overman, Torsten Bell, Deborah Cadman

Thursday 30 June 2022 09:30 - 10:45

This event is both online and in person

Off Campus,

People's incomes are fundamental to their living standards, and productivity is fundamental to those incomes. But Britain is beset by big productivity gaps – between North and South, and between metro and non-metro areas. Understanding what has driven these gaps and how they’ve changed over time is critical for an economic strategy that successfully tackles them.

How big are productivity gaps across Britain, and how they changed over time? Are all productivity gaps a problem, or should we focus on some more than others? What do the causes of those gaps tell us about what it would take to close them? And are we on course to do so?

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Andy Haldane Chief Executive of the Royal Society for Arts
Deborah Cadman Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council
Henry Overman Professor of Economic Geography at the LSE
Torsten Bell (chair) Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation

Economy 2030 Inquiry Nuffield Foundation Resolution Foundation

This event will take place in Off Campus, .