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CEP/Geography Urban and Regional Economics Seminars

Local Productivity Spillovers

Nicolas Gendron-Carrier (McGill University)

Friday 04 March 2022 13:00 - 14:30


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About this event

Using Canadian administrative data, this paper presents evidence of revenue and productivity spillovers across firms at fine spatial scales. Accounting for the endogenous sorting of firms across space, we estimate an average elasticity of firm revenue and productivity with respect to the average quality of other firms within 75 meters of 0.02. We find scant evidence that the average firm benefits from being surrounded by a greater amount of economic activity at this spatial scale conditional on average peer quality. Sorting of higher quality firms into more productive locations and higher average and aggregate quality peer groups is salient in the data.

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Urban and Regional Economics Seminars are part of the CEP's Urban and spatial programme.