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Economy 2030:
The Economy 2030 Inquiry: the final six months

20 November 2023

The Economy 2030 Inquiry has been examining the scale and impact of recent economic change in the UK, and will set out a new economy strategy to tackle the twin challenges of low growth and high inequality in its final report on 4 December. 

In the run up to the final report, researchers from the Resolution Foundation and CEP have been publishing reports and discussing the impact of Covid-19, Brexit and the net zero transition on the UK economy. Catch up with what’s been going on since 1 June 2023 below.

The inquiry is a collaboration between the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics, funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

Find out more on the Economy 2030 website.


Ending stagnation

The final report of the Economy 2030 Inquiry will be launched at a major all-day conference on Monday 4 December. 

Over the past three years, the Economy 2030 Inquiry has set out to understand the UK’s economic challenges. A new economic strategy for Britain must leverage rather than downplay its strengths and align, rather than silo, agendas stretching from industrial policy to tax reform and the net zero transition. In this event, leading UK politicians, economists and policymakers will discuss how the UK can build a stronger, more sustainable and inclusive economy.

Speakers include a senior cabinet minister and the leader of the opposition, Keir Starmer, along with Mark Drakeford MS, Dame Sharon White, Dr Swati Dhingra, Andy Haldane, Professor Diane Coyle, Stephanie Flanders, Christina McAnea, Tom Riordan and Professor David Edgerton. 

Event: Ending stagnation (4 Dec 2023)


Report: Trading up (15 Jun 2023)
Event: The UK's trade trajectory (15 Jun 2023)


Report: Beyond boosterism (22 Jun 2023)   
Event: An investment nation (22 Jun 2023)
Briefing Note: Putting good work on the table (4 Sep 2023)
Event: The innovation job (4 Sep 2023)
Report: Ready for change (25 Sep 2023)
Event: More change please (25 Sep 2023)
Event: Inventing a better Britain (15 Nov 2023)

Navigating economic change

Essay: Economic policy in the turbulent 2020s after the sluggish 2010s (12 Jun 2023)
Essay: Flexicurity and the future of work (29 Jun 2023)
Essay: New Zealand (18 Sep 2023)

Net zero

Briefing Note: Where the rubber hits the road (1 Jun 2023)
Event: Running out of road? (1 Jun 2023)


Report: Ready for change (25 Sep 2023)
Event: Creating a good jobs economy (27 Sep 2023)
Event: People-powered growth (24 Oct 2023)
Report: Learning to grow (24 Oct 2023)


Event: Living in a material world (19 Jun 2023)
Report: A tale of two cities (part 1) (14 Sep 2023)
Event: Building momentum in Birmingham and beyond (14 Sep 2023)
Report: A tale of two cities (part 2) (19 Sep 2023)
Event: Making Greater Manchester great again (19 Sep 2023)

The State

Report: Tax planning (28 Jun 2023)
Event: From quantity to quality (28 Jun 2023)
Report: Sharing the benefits (4 Jul 2023)
Event: Shared prosperity (4 Jul 2023)
Report: From safety net to springboard (21 Sep 2023)
Event: Risk reduction (21 Sep 2023)
Event: Riding the economic rollercoaster (19 Oct 2023)
Report: Built to last (19 Oct 2023)
Event: Creaking at the seams (1 Nov 2023)
Event: In place of centralisation (8 Nov 2023) 

Steering economic change

Essay: Creating a good-jobs economy in the UK (5 Jul 2023)
Essay: Applying the Robbins Principle to further education and apprenticeships (24 Oct 2023)
Essay: How higher education can boost people-powered growth (24 Oct 2023)
Essay: Finance for the future (26 Oct 2023)
Essay: Watt's the plan? (1 Nov 2023)
Report: In place of centralisation (8 Nov 2023)

Steering Economic Change is a series of externally-written policy essays, each of which aims to provoke public debate on a specific policy area, and sketch out an agenda that will contribute towards the wider goal of the UK becoming a higher growth, lower inequality economy. They are written by a range of leading economists and policy experts, and reflect the views of the authors rather than those of the Resolution Foundation, the LSE or The Economy 2030 Inquiry. 
Click here to read reports and watch events from December 2022 to May 2023. 

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