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photo: Blanchflower Professor David Blanchflower
Professor of Economics at Dartmouth

Closing the border can do more harm than good to national wellbeing.

April 2017
Wellbeing of EU citizens increases on average with free movement within the EU.Response
i have no idea and there is no evidence to support such a claim one way or the otherNeither agree nor disagree

The UK closing its borders for EU nationals who want to work in the UK after Brexit would harm both UK wellbeing and that of the rest of the EU.Response
agreedAgree strongly

Understanding the effect of policy on national wellbeing

March 2017
Despite dozens of years of research, we still know precious little about what policies increase national wellbeing.Response
these are early days in well being research and we have little clue abut macro tradeoffsAgree strongly

In order to find out what raises national wellbeing, we need to have thousands of randomised controlled trials in all major areas of national policy.Response
there are many ways to skin a cat and randomized trials are only one way to do things - narrowly answer questions I don't care aboutDisagree strongly

Wellbeing Effects of Anonymous Donation of Eggs and Sperm

February 2017
Donating gametes (eggs, sperm) via clinics as anonymous donors is one of the highest return-to-effort things individuals can do to increase overall wellbeing.Response
i have no ideaNeither agree nor disagree

The right of a child to know who their donor was when they turn 18 outweighs (in an overall wellbeing sense) the possibility that this right-to-know leads to a shortage of donors and reduces the number of donor-conceived children.Response
i have no ideaNeither agree nor disagree