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photo: Leigh MP Andrew Leigh MP
Former Professor of Economics at the Australian National University

Closing the border can do more harm than good to national wellbeing.

April 2017
Wellbeing of EU citizens increases on average with free movement within the EU.Response
-Agree strongly

The UK closing its borders for EU nationals who want to work in the UK after Brexit would harm both UK wellbeing and that of the rest of the EU.Response
-Agree strongly

Understanding the effect of policy on national wellbeing

March 2017
Despite dozens of years of research, we still know precious little about what policies increase national wellbeing.Response

In order to find out what raises national wellbeing, we need to have thousands of randomised controlled trials in all major areas of national policy.Response
More randomised trials would certainly be useful. I'm not sure why the question refers to "thousands of". Given that most developed countries do hardly any policy randomised trials, even a few would be a boost. They wouldn't fully answer the question, but they'd help.Agree

Organisational structures on workers' wellbeing

January 2017
Employees in more hierarchical organisations have higher levels of wellbeing than those of flatter organisations.Response
Haven't read empirical research either way.Neither agree nor disagree

Tilting the tax and subsidy mix in favour of more hierarchical organisations (in a revenue neutral manner) would probably improve the wellbeing of employees.Response
As above.Neither agree nor disagree

Wellbeing and Public Holidays

December 2016
Do you think that populations on average have higher wellbeing during major festive periods like Christmas?Response
I'm not aware of any direct research on happiness at Christmas time, but I'd guess that people tend to be happier on public holidays and when exchanging gifts (though there are a minority for whom Christmas brings greater sadness, such as families who recently lost a loved one).Agree

Do you think on balance that average wellbeing would rise if there were more mandatory public holidays in your country?Response