Centre for Economic Performance (CEP)

The Labour Market in Winter -
The State of Working Britain 2010


Paul Gregg and Jonathan Wadsworth
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Employment and Unemployment
Chapter 1: The Labour Market in Winter - the 2008-2009 Recession
Paul Gregg and Jonathan Wadsworth zip (102 kb)

Chapter 2: Unemployment and Inactivity
Paul Gregg and Jonathan Wadsworth zip (22 kb)

Chapter 3: The Labour Market for Young People
Antoine Goujard, Barbara Petrongolo and John Van Reenen zip (91 kb)

Chapter 4: The Baby-Boomers at 50: Employment Prospects for Older Workers
Richard Disney, Anita Ratcliffe and Sarah Smith zip (67 kb)

Chapter 5: Workless Households
Paul Gregg and Jonathan Wadsworth zip (7 kb)

Chapter 6: Immigration in the UK
Stephen Nickell and Jumana Saleheen zip (188 kb)

Chapter 7: Job Tenure and Job Turnover
Paul Gregg, Giulia Faggio and Jonathan Wadsworth zip (11 kb)

Job Quality
Chapter 8: Job Quality in Britain under the Labour Government
Francis Green

Chapter 9: Worker Well-Being in Booms and Busts
Andrew E. Clark zip (26 kb)

Chapter 10:Family Friendly Policies
Jane Waldfogel

Chapter 11:Changes in UK Wage Inequality over the Last Forty Years
Stephen Machin

Chapter 12: Gender and the Labour Market
Joanna K. Swaffield zip (27 kb)

Chapter 13: Recent Developments in Intergenerational Mobility
Jo Blanden and Lindsey Macmillan zip (33 kb)

Chapter 14: Have Reforms to the School System Improved Educational Outcomes?
Sandra McNally zip (57 kb)

Chapter 15: Ethnicity and Second Generation Immigrants
Christian Dustmann, Tommaso Frattini, Nikolaos Theodoropoulos zip (17 kb)

Chapter 16: Child Poverty in Britain. Did Work Work?
Richard Dickens

Chapter 17: Trade Unions
Alex Bryson and John Forth

Chapter 18: Public and Private Sector Labour Markets
Peter Dolton and Gerry Makepeace

Chapter 19: The Regional Labour Market in the UK
Peter Dolton, Chiara Rosazza-Bondibene and Jonathan Wadsworth