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Section A: Before Submitting your Paper
  1. You need to create an Adobe PDF version of your paper. You need to follow the CEP style guide.
  2. You need to enclose an abstract
  3. Enclose keywords from JEL
  4. Enclose author information
  5. You must ensure that any data used in the paper is legally licensed, and confirm on the submission form below that you have done this.

To help you do these here are the following instructions:
Section B: Submit Your Paper

Before you submit make sure you have a license to use your data. See the information on Data Archive registration and licensing is available at http://rlab.lse.ac.uk/data/content/licensing.asp.

For licensing conditions of the particular datasets used in your DP, please see http://rlab.lse.ac.uk/data/content/default.asp or ask the Data Manager.

You must also have the following to hand:
  1. Click on your programme below
  2. Fill in the online submissions form which you will be taken to.
  3. Once completed you will be prompted to email the programme director and publications administrator with your PDF paper.