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Manpower Human Resources Lab Discussion Paper Series

This page shows ALL Manpower Human Resources Lab Discussion Paper Series ever published. You can narrow your search using the search options on the side menu.

Listed most recent first.

Performance Pay and Within-Firm Wage Inequality
Erling Barth, Bernt Bratsberg, Torbjørn Hægeland, Oddbjørn Raaum,  April 2008
Paper No' MHRLDP0007: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
From the Two Faces of Unionism to the Facebook Society: Union Voice in a 21st Century Context
Alex Bryson, Rafael Gomez, P Willman,  April 2008
Paper No' MHRLDP0006: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
Overqualification, Job Dissatisfaction and Increasing Dispersion in the Returns to Graduate Education
Francis Green, Yu Zhu,  November 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0005: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
Are There Day of the Week Productivity Effects?
Alex Bryson, John Forth,  July 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0004: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
Temporary Agency Workers and Workplace Performance in the Private Sector
Alex Bryson,  May 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0003: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
Leeway for the Loyal: A Model of Employee Discretion
Francis Green,  April 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0002: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)
The Theory and Practice of Pay Setting
Alex Bryson, John Forth,  December 2006
Paper No' MHRLDP0001: Read Abstract | Full paper (free) (pdf)