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Associate -  Education and Skills
Tel: 0114 222 3406
Email: s.mcintosh@shef.ac.uk
Expertise: Economics of Education; rates of return, the usage of skills, basic skills, teachers' labour market.
Steven Mcintosh, BA (Leicester), MSc (Warwick), PhD (LSE), is a research officer in the Centre for Economic Performance, as part of the Education and Skills group. Recent research has examined the rates of return to UK qualifications, focussing on the differences in returns between academic and vocational qualifications, and the returns earned by different groups of people. Other work has examined the concept of 'overeducation', investigating the usage of skills, and trying to explain why some individuals work in jobs for which they are overqualified. Finally, a recent analysis of the teachers' labour market has examined the factors that affect the decisions of graduates to enter, and continue in, the teaching profession. Current work is looking at the effects of school resources on pupil outcomes, and the impact of basic skills on labour market outcomes.
CV available in Adobe PDF format here PDF

Selected Publications:
  • McIntosh, S. (2002) "The Changing Demand for Skills", European Journal of Education, 37, 229-242.
  • Dearden, L., McIntosh, S., Myck, M. and Vignoles, A. (2002) "The returns to academic and vocational qualifications in Britain", Bulletin of Economic Research, 54, 249-274.
  • McIntosh, S. and Vignoles, A. (2001) "Measuring and assessing the impact of basic skills on labour market outcomes", Oxford Economic Papers, vol. 53, 453-481.

  • PhD(Economics) London School of Economics, 1997
  • MSc(Economics) University of Warwick, 1992
  • BA(Economics) University of Leicester, 1990