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Special Events

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Any upcoming special events will be posted on this page.

Past special events have included the "Love Your Job Or Hate It? The Economics of Job Satisfaction" by Professor Richard Freeman and the Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures, "International Terrorism: Causes and Consequences" by Professor Alan Krueger.

19-21-Nov-2007 Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures with Professor David Laibson
"The Psychology of Saving & Investment"
28-Nov-2007 CEP Public Lecture: Lord Adair Turner
"Do we need more Immigrants and Babies?"
07-Dec-2007 PSI/CEP Event: The survival and growth of firms: findings and policy implications more
Feb-2008 Macro Conference: General Equilibrium Theories of Growth & Development  
July-2008 Globalisation Conference: China & India in the Global Economy