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Policy Analysis

[photo: Big Ben] Objective, brief and non-technical, Policy Analysis is a series of background briefings on key policy issues raised in the news.

These analyses are provided by some of our expert researchers and draw on some of our past and current research.

We will try to answer inquiries relating to this work whenever possible.

Press inquiries should be directed to Romesh Vaitilingam (Tel: 07768-661095 Email: romesh@compuserve.com), or if unavailable, to Helen Durrant (Tel: 020 7955 7395 Email: h.durrant@lse.ac.uk)

Tony Blair UK Productivity During The Blair Era

Schoolgirls Has Labour Delivered on the Policy Priorities of 'Education, Education, Education'?

lisbon agenda Boosting Innovation and Productivity Growth in Europe: The hope and the realities of the EU's "Lisbon agenda"

incapacity benefit reform The National Minimum Wage: The Evidence of its Impact on Jobs and Inequality

incapacity benefit reform Incapacity Benefit Reform: Tackling the Rise in Labour Market Inactivity

family firms Inherited Family Firms and Management Practices: The Case for Modernising the UK's Inheritance Tax

Thunder Climate Change: Economic Sense and Non-sense of Carbon Mitigation Policies

EU Flag Fighting over Peanuts? The European Union Budget

Pascal Lamy The Doha Round: Freer and Fairer Trade?

Past briefings:
* Election Analysis
Providing analysis of key issues in the 2005 UK General Election campaign.
[Get Adobe Reader] Note - All analyses are in Adobe PDF format. Free PDF readers are available from the Adobe website.

The CEP is a politically independent Research Centre funded by the ESRC and other charitable bodies.