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ESRC Applications for Funding

Please also read the ESRC Research Funding Guide - Application of new grant terms and conditions which will help you write your ESRC Research Application


All ESRC applications now have to be submitted by principal applicants electronically via Je-S (the Joint Electronic Submission system of the Research Councils).

Once you have a User Id and password (see below), you can login and complete the form in as many stages as you want. Each time you save a section it will be there for you to complete or edit at any future date.

There is a form which gives an overall view of the research with sections for a summary, objectives, data use and staff responsibilities which you need to complete in a non-technical, succinct and compelling way and a section on the budget which Nigel Rogers will complete.

There is also a section for attachments, where you attach a PDF document of up to six pages, of the entire research proposal - including your hypothesis, aims, methods, data, the need for the research etc. This is the most important section of the application and the one which the referees will read.

How to register onto the new system.

To register, you need a Je-S account. LSE will have registered your name with the ESRC and given you an User Id and password which you may have used in the past to download the old-style ESRC application form:
  • If you have lost your User Id and password write the following message, to JeSHelp@rcuk.ac.uk

    "I have lost my User Id and password. Please enable me to log on again by emailing my Je-S account details to me. "

  • Je-S will email your User Id and send instructions on how to retrieve your password and logon to your account.

  • Please send your User Id and password to Nigel Rogers for safekeeping
If Je-S reply that they have not got a record of you from the LSE, you need to apply for a Je-S account from scratch:
  1. Go to https://je-s.rcuk.ac.uk/Jes2WebLoginSite/Login.aspx?cookies=yes

  2. Click Create Account (at the bottom of screen)

  3. Scroll down to Section 7. Acceptance.
    Check the button alongside "I accept the terms and conditions for use of Je-S"
    Click Submit

  4. Complete the Account Set Up Form.
    Make sure you check the button alongside "Create a registered account"

  5. Je-S will check that they have a record of your name from the LSE and will register you and email your account details.

    If necessary Je-S will get in touch with the LSE Research Contracts Manager, Michael Oliver, to check that you are a member of staff. You may contact him, email: m.oliver@lse.ac.uk tel: 020 7955 7962, if there are any problems.