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[Photo: Helena HOLMLUND] Dr Helena HOLMLUND
Associate - Education and Skills

Stockholm University
Tel: +46 8 162074

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Expertise: Economics of Education, Family Economics


Dr. Helena Holmlund is an associate at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE and a research fellow at the Swedish Institute for Social Research at Stockholm University. Helena’s research focuses on areas such as the formation of cognitive and non-cognitive skills, school resources and educational attainment, the intergenerational transmission of human capital, intergenerational income mobility and the long-term consequences of teenage childbearing.


  • PhD in Economics, Stockholm University

Selected Publications:

  • “The Causal Effect of Parents' Schooling on Children's Schooling: A Comparison of Estimation Methods” (with Mikael Lindahl and Erik Plug), Journal of Economic Literature, forthcoming.

  • “Does Money Matter for Schools?” (with Sandra McNally and Martina Viarengo), Economics of Education Review, forthcoming.

  • "Long-Term Consequences of Teenage Childbearing: An Examination of the Siblings Approach", Journal of Human Resources 40(3), summer 2005, pp. 716-743.

CEP Publications:

  • In brief: A Swedish model for UK schools?
    Helena Holmlund, Sandra McNally, February 2010
    Paper No' CEPCP306: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Does Money Matter for Schools?
    Helena Holmlund, Sandra McNally, Martina Viarengo, January 2009
    Paper No' CEEDP0105: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • Intergenerational Mobility and Assortative Mating: Effects of an Educational Reform
    Helena Holmlund, November 2008
    Paper No' CEEDP0091: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)

  • A Researcher's Guide to the Swedish Compulsory School Reform
    Helena Holmlund, February 2008
    Paper No' CEEDP0087: Read Abstract | Full paper (pdf)