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Biomarkers and Economic Behaviour Research Group

The Research Group Directors are:
[photo: Richard Freeman] Richard Freeman.
Tel: +1 617 588 0305,
The BEB research group is part of the CEP's Wellbeing Programme. Our aims are to:
  1. explore the links between subjective and biomedical/biometric wellbeing;

  2. establish how individuals' subjective and biomedical wellbeing change over time, and the correlations in these changes over time;

  3. establish the predictive power of subjective and biomedical markers or wellbeing in estimating labour market behavious such as job entry, quits, promotions,absence, wages and wage growth.

The BEB Research Group Blog

We have launched a blog where our team will post information and findings by the group. We welcome all comments related to biomarkers and economic behaviour.

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