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Mental Health Policy Group 2005 - 2006

[photo: Richard Layard] The programme director is Professor Lord Richard Layard.
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Mental Illness is Britain's biggest social problem, affecting 1 in 6 of the adult population. The Mental Health Policy Group aims to throw light on what can be done about it. Its first major report proposes a psychological therapy service for depression and anxiety disorders, to be commissioned in every part of the country by 2013. This will involve training and employing 10,000 more therapists.

Depression Report Press Release [pdf] Download PDF

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Listen to Richard Layard discussing the Depression Report on the Today Programme, broadcast Monday 19th June 2006. [mp3]

Key research papers:

D. Clark, S. Pilling and D. Richards, The effectiveness of psychological therapy, 2007.
The link above includes the following three papers which were written for the IAPT Expert Reference Group in 2006-7 and approved by the group. I have place them on this website for ease of reference.

I. Depression treated by standard methods
II. Anxiety disorders treated by standard methods
III. Depression and anxiety treated by innovative, non-standard methods

The Depression Report: A New Deal for Depression and Anxiety Disorders, The Centre for Economic Perormance's Mental Health Policy group, June 2006

Mental Health: Britain's Biggest Social Problem?, Richard Layard, January 2005, presented at the No.10 Strategy Unit Seminar on Mental Health, 20th January 2005

The Case for Psychological Treatment Centres, Richard Layard, March 2006

Implementing the NICE Guidelines for Depression and Anxiety. A Cost-Benefit Analysis, D. Clark, M. Knapp, R, Layard and G. Mayraz, May 2006

Modes of Commissioning Expanded Psychological Treatment Services and Related Incentives, Stuart Bell, January 2006

The Provision of Psychotherapy - An International Comparison, Stefan Priebe, March 2006

The Reform of Incapacity Benefit, Molly Meacher

Actions Speak Louder...Tackling Discrimination Against People with Mental Illness, Graham Thornicroft, Mental Health Foundation, May 2006





Stuart Bell, Chief Executive, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust

Professor David Clark, FBA , Head, Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Dr Francesca Cornaglia, British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow, University College London

Professor Martin Knapp, Co-Director and Chairman, LSE Health and Social Care

Professor Lord Richard Layard, FBA (Chair), Director, Well-Being Programe, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

Professor Julian Le Grand, Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, LSE

Guy Mayraz, Research Assistant, Centre for Economic Performance, LSE

Baroness Meacher, Chair, City and East London NHS Mental Health Trust

Professor Stefan Priebe, Professor of Social and Community Psychiatry, King's College London

Professor Graham Thornicroft, Head of Health Services Research Department, Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London

Lord Turnberg, Former President of the Royal College of Physicians

Dr Ben Wright, Consultant Psychiatrist; Lead Clinician, Newham Psychological Treatment Centre