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Research Programmes | Community:

Ideas, Values and Norms

Current work on Ideas, Values and Norms

  • Admiration

    Is one way of sustaining pro-social behaviour encouraging people to adopt values they admire? Most people have a desire to be thought well of by others, so are the values they admire pro-social? Since the late 1940s Gallup have, every year, asked Americans who is the living man and woman they most admire. This project carried out by Alan Manning and Amar Shanghavi analyses the micro data underlying these polls to investigate whether there are trends in the type of people who are most admired and to offer explanations for any trends found.

  • Fertility

    This area looks at determinants of fertility and parenthood. One paper by Thiemo Fetzer, Oliver Pardo and Amar Shanghavi (2013) considers the impact of power cuts on fertility in developing countries.

    Further reading:
    An Urban Legend?! Power Rationing, Fertility and its Effects on Mothers

    A project currently in progress by Leonardo Felli and Yona Rubinstein examines the causes for the dramatic increase in lone parenthood that has occurred in many countries (this project will use US data from the 1979 and 1997 cohorts of the NLSY).

  • Inter-marriage

    One important way in which communities mix is thorugh inter-marriage. Marco Manacorda and Alan Manning are exploring how rates of inter-marriage are affected by the ethnic composition of an area. It finds that as the share of minorities becomes very small, the inter-marriage rate rises very sharply.