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Recent work on Education Policy

In order for the detailed research of the Education and Skills Programme to have an impact on policy, it produces overviews of areas of general interest to public debate and policy.
  • Economics of Higher Education Network

    With the considerable policy debate and a growing body of economic research around funding and performance of universities Gill Wyness and Richard Murphy launched in 2013 an online forum for discussion of key issues in the economics of higher education between academics and policy-makers

    Further reading:
    The Economics of higher education - a summary of the launch event.

    See also The Economics of HE website

  • Report to the LSE Growth Commission: Education and Skills

    This paper by Sandra McNally looks at the UK's performance in Education and Skills. It gives a review of the research on the relative role of school and family background in explaining educational attainment; the evidence on school level policies, and the debate on vocational vis--vis general education with comparisons of the apprenticeship system in the UK and other European countries.

    Further reading:
    Report to the LSE Growth Commission: Education and Skills

  • Education in Scotland

    As the people of Scotland consider their vote in the 2014 referendum, what evidence is there that the nation can succeed 'on its own'? Gill Wyness, Stephen Machin and Sandra McNally (2013) explore how Scotland compares with the rest of the UK in education, an area of public policy that is already highly devolved.

    Further reading:
    Education in Scotland: performance in a devolved policy area