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Manpower Human Resource Lab Papers

Performance Pay and Within-Firm Wage Inequality Erling Barth, Bernt Bratsberg, Torbjørn Hægeland and Oddbjørn Raaum
April 2008
Paper No' MHRLDP0007:
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JEL Classification: J31; J33

Tags: performance related pay; wage inequality; union bargaining

From the Two Faces of Unionism to the Facebook Society: Union Voice in a 21st Century Context Alex Bryson, Rafael Gomez and P Willman April 2008
Paper No' MHRLDP0006:
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Tags: unions; union membership

Overqualification, Job Dissatisfaction and Increasing Dispersion in the Returns to Graduate Education Francis Green and Yu Zhu November 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0005:
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Tags: pay; job satisfaction; job dissatisfaction; overeducation; overqualification; skill utilisation; returns to college education; returns to graduate education

Bad Timing: Are workers more productive on certain days of the week?
August 2007
Paper No' MHRLBR0001:
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Are There Day of the Week Productivity Effects? Alex Bryson and John Forth
July 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0004:
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JEL Classification: J22; J24

Tags: labour productivity; days of the week; temporal variation

Temporary Agency Workers and Workplace Performance in the Private Sector Alex Bryson
May 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0003:
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JEL Classification: J50; L22; L23; L24;

Tags: temporary agency workers; labour productivity; financial performance

Leeway for the Loyal: A Model of Employee Discretion Francis Green
April 2007
Paper No' MHRLDP0002:
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Tags: discretion; autonomy; targets; job satisfaction; skill; monitoring; organisational commitment.

The Theory and Practice of Pay Setting Alex Bryson and John Forth
December 2006
Paper No' MHRLDP0001:
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Human Resources, the Labour Market and Economic Performance: A look back and a look forward from the Manpower Human Resource Lab at the Centre for Economic Performance Romesh Vaitilingam September 2006
Paper No' MHRLSP0001:
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