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CEP election analysis
The Labour Market Rui Costa and Stephen Machin
November 2019
Paper No' CEPEA046:
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Tags: employment; jobs; labour; productivity; unemployment; wages; 2019 general election

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CEP Brexit analysis
Trade and Worker Deskilling: How the post-Brexit pound has hurt Britain’s workers Rui Costa, Swati Dhingra and Stephen Machin
May 2019
Paper No' CEPBREXIT15:
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Tags: brexit; eu; trade; wages; jobs; skills

CEP discussion paper
A Tale of Comprehensive Labor Market Reforms: Evidence from the Italian Jobs Act Tito Boeri and Pietro Garibaldi
April 2019
Paper No' CEPDP1613:
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JEL Classification: J10; J23

Tags: labor mobility; jobs act

CEP election analysis
Immigration and the UK Labour Market Jonathan Wadsworth
February 2015
Paper No' CEPEA019:
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Tags: immigration; european union; uk; government policy; education; labour market; jobs; wages

CEP election analysis
Jobs and Youth Unemployment: It's bad, but not as bad as you might think Barbara Petrongolo and John Van Reenen
April 2010
Paper No' CEPEA012:
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Tags: jobs; unemployment; youth

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CEP discussion paper
Crime and Benefit Sanctions Stephen Machin and Olivier Marie
August 2004
Paper No' CEPDP0645:
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JEL Classification: H00; J65

Tags: crime; benefit sanctions; jobseekers allowance