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The Educational Impact of Parental Choice and School Competition

Steve  Gibbons,  Stephen  Machin,  Olmo  Silva,  December 2006
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A central focus of current education policy is to expand parents' choice over where their children go to school and to promote competition between schools. A long-running CEP research programme by Stephen Gibbons, Stephen Machin and Olmo Silva has been assessing the effects on both educational outcomes and inequalities between schools.

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This article summarises a series of research papers, including: 'Choice, Competition and Pupil Achievement' by Stephen Gibbons, Stephen Machin and Olmo Silva, Discussion Paper No. 56 from the Centre for the Economics of Education (CEE); 'Competition and Accessibility in School Markets: Empirical Analysis Using Boundary Discontinuities' by Stephen Gibbons and Olmo Silva, in Improving School Accountability: Check-ups or Choice edited by Timothy Gronberg and Dennis Jansen (Elsevier); and 'Urban Density and Pupil Attainment' by Stephen Gibbons and Olmo Silva, mimeo, CEP.