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CEP discussion paper
The Effect of Minimum Wages on UK Agriculture
Richard Dickens, Stephen Machin, Alan Manning, David Metcalf, Jonathan Wadsworth and S Woodland August 1994
Paper No' CEPDP0204:

Since the abolition of the Wages Councils in September 1993, agriculture is the only sector in the UK economy covered by any form of minimum wage legislation. This paper investigates the impact of the system of minimum wages on the level and structure of earnings in agriculture and the level and structure of employment. On wages, our main conclusion is that the minimum wages set by the AWBs are important determinants of the average level and distribution of earnings in UK agriculture. On employment, our main conclusion is that there is no evidence that minimum wages have reduced the level of employment in agriculture. If anything, our estimates imply a weak positive impact of minimum wages on employment. There are no significant differences between men and women. At no point have we have found strong evidence of a negative effect of minimum wages on employment