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Monday  21 November 2016  12:00 - 14:00

CEP Public Events

LSE Growth Commission Evidence Session - Openness, Trade and FDI


The LSE Growth Commission provides authoritative and evidence-based policy recommendations that aim to foster sustainable and inclusive long-term growth in the UK. Professor Gianmarco Ottoviano’s team are examining the best relationship for the UK to pursue with the EU to ensure the flow of exports, imports and FDI. It will also look beyond Brexit to trading with other countries, for example China. Speakers include: Karolina Ekholm (State Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Sweden); Karen Helene Ullveit-Moe (Member of Executive Board of the Bank of Norway); Lionel Fontagne’ (CEPII), Paola Conconi (ECARES); Will Page (Chief economist, Spotify)