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Lionel Robbins Memorial Lectures - The DNA of a Market Economy

Speaker: Presented by Andrei Shleifer (Harvard)

Date: Tuesday 25th, Tuesday 26th, & Thursday 27th January 2005
Venue: Old Theatre, LSE, Old Building, Houghton Street, London WC2A 2AE

Market economies differ from each other in many fundamental ways: their legal systems, regulatory structures, levels of economic and political freedom, corruption in government, and so on. Are these differences systematic and, if so, can we understand them?

Andrei Shleifer is Whipple VN Jones Professor of Economics at Harvard University. One of the leading American economists of his generation, he was awarded the John Bates Clark medal for best economist under 40 in 1999.

  • Lecture 1: Transplantation by Conquest and Colonisation
  • Lecture 2: Why Does Legal Origin Matter So Much?
  • Lecture 3: Law and Finance